Thursday, June 14, 2012

Student Sue McPeak made the headlines!

One if our favorite students is being spotlighted in the horse industry by Women's Horse Industry Network. We know how much we love her "glass is half full attitude" around the barn. We love ya Sue!

"​Sue Lustig McPeek grew up in a career military family and traveled the country before graduating from Colorado State University with a degree in Wildlife Biology.Her love for horses drew her to the racing industry, where she has worked at both the farm and the racetrack divisions for Lanes End Farm, as a professional showman at the sales for Three Chimney’s Farm, and as a respected freelance equine photographer. " <Read full Article>

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jammed Packed Month of Horse Fun!

Where to start? June = jammed pack full month of horses!

Congratulations to all of our students who competed at IEA HT last weekend! Everyone reached new goals!  The Novice division was extremely challenging with many cross country eliminations and falls. Not our team! They all knuckled down and tackled that cross country course! HELMET CAM of IEA Novice HT that our fabulous team tackled last weekend! Fence #4 & Fence #9 were the bogy fences. #9 was removed half way thru due to so many rider falls....   
<IEA HT Final Results>  

Each week in June we will be offering summer camp. Our first week of summer camp is in full swing. All of our new budding equestrians are having a great time and learning lots! We are thankful for this weeks mild weather. Camps are almost full, but there is still time to SIGN UP for the remaining camps.

Spring Run HT is this weekend (06/08-06/10). Always a fantastic well run event with one the best competitor parties around. Since it is right down the street in Prospect, it is a great event to come out support the team  as well as spend a a great weekend outdoors.

Next is Flying Cross MHT on 06/17. Again another close fun event right in our back yard. This is the 2nd event in the 42 Fleur De Lis Mini Trial series. Our students well on their way to winning the High Point trophy!

Then we are off to the Midsouth Pony Club Rally & HT at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY!

Whew! What are you waiting for? Come join us for some horse action!
Check our CALENDER for updates.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

NEW High School Equestrian Varsity Letter!

High School Equestrian Athlete

Questions? Email Terra Schroeder
You don’t have to be a record-setting quarterback, point guard or track star to letter in high school sports anymore. The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) is writing a new chapter in the recognition of high school sports — one that honors Equestrian athletes. The USEF’s High School Equestrian Athlete program will offer specially designed emblems and pins, exclusively for equestrian athletes in grades 9-12. <READ THE FULL ARTICLE>

Monday, April 30, 2012

Oldham Ctny Farm Tour 5/2012

We are so excited the facility will be part of Oldham Ahead's First Annual Oldham County Farm Tour on Sunday, May 27, 2012! The tour will start at Alta Vista at 9:30 am with round pen demonstrations. Demonstrations, picnic lunch, hayride and a shuttle service to (5) of Oldham County's most beautiful farms! View Brochure

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Coolest Horse Racing App EVER!

Sue & Kenny McPeak's cool new Horse Racing App for the iPhone.

Even if you don't even like horse racing, get this app. Why? Because the McPeak's are what America needs! Entrepreneur spirits with real perseverance and out of the box thinking. They should run for president. Get the app! It's Free!

Details: Experience the excitement of live horse racing on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device, wherever you are. Never miss a race again – it’s like having the program in the palm of your hand! Dedicated to fan participation and viewer proliferation of horse racing worldwide!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Bay & On!

CONGRATULATIONS to Jacki Lemastus amazing ride at Spring Bay this past weekend! It was her move up to Training and she ROCKED it finishing 5th! Way to go Jackie!! We are all so proud of you and your accomplishments!

We've all had time off in winter and as the season kicks in it brings into question rider and horse fitness. This is a great article to help us all gauge if we are ready for our season's challenges: RIDE FITNESS

So excited to for all of our students ready to ROCK IT in 2012!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Stone Place Dressage

We never like to ride when the weather is cold. Most of the time I just want to stay in by the fire place. However these little extra shows where we take the time to practice the parts of the event really pay off at the events. Riding at home is NEVER the same as riding in the show. Most people only perform to 30% of their ability under pressure. Imagine how good the best riders are at home! So putting your self under pressure at these small shows in the off season will always pay off with big rewards later. Some of the best competitors I know I started to put under pressure at a very young age. Now they have no trouble with pressures in the warm up arenas, changes of schedules etc. And most importantly they handle life pressures with a lot less anxiety! I'm proud of Jackie Lemastus today for putting herself out there even though it is not the ideal situation and NOT her favorite phase! Anything you do today is a win!